Casa d'Arrochella

Casa d'Arrochella

Bernardo de Arrochela Alegria says that «the project of Casa d’Arrochella, in the Douro, will be my legacy to my successors». It is a project started twenty years ago, which, without ever forgetting the history and the centuries-old Trás-os-Montes ties of the Arrochella family, sought, with great personal fulfilment, to develop three differentiated but complementary wineries as terroirs of excellence in the Douro Superior.

Currently, Casa d’Arrochella has more than 80 ha of vineyards, spread between Quinta do Cerval, in Vila Nova de Foz, a property located on the banks of the Douro with a total area of 160 ha, Quinta das Trigueiras, in Vila Flor, in a typically Trás-os-Montes landscape, with granitic soils and dedicated to whites, in 44 ha, and Quinta da Peça, with more than 50 ha, next to the medieval village of Vilas Boas, where, in addition to the vineyards, the winemaking and logistics center.

Commercially, Casa d’Arrochella is present in domestic and foreign markets through its brands Grandes Quintas, Reserva e Colheita, Vilaflor Reserva and Villas-Boas reserva, not forgetting, in the premium segments , our Cerval and Casa d’Arrochella Reserva.

The Douro Region

The Douro Demarcated Region is of enormous diversity, with climatic, geological and cultural differences. The Casa d’Arrochella’s Douro project is centered on the so-called Douro Superior, with vineyards planted essentially on schist soils, with the region’s traditional grape varieties, with increasing emphasis on Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Sousão and Tinta Amarela.

The climatic differences within the Douro Superior itself allow the variations between the vineyards of Vila Nova de Foz Côa and those of Vila Flor to be used every year as a differentiating element of the unique specificity of each harvest.

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