Casa d'Arrochella


At Quinta das Trigueiras, a plateau area in Vilas Boas, with soils predominantly of granitic origin. Farm exclusively dedicated to the production of white grapes. Very ventilated area and on a plateau. We seek a balance between production and maturation, so that we can obtain blended wines from several varieties, with a mineral and fresh matrix.

Quinta das Trigueiras, also located in Vila Flor, is a property with a total area of 44 ha of granite soils, where Casa d’Arrochella is currently developing its most recent project, started with 10 ha of vines of grape varieties exclusively for whites; there, the typical varieties of the region dominate, such as Rabigato, Syria, Gouveio, Viozinho and Malvasia.

It is a property that is still in the process of recovery, but with tradition and ancient records in the production of white Port wine, and where, in addition to the vineyards, the traditional olive groves of Trás-os-Montes stand out and several patches of marsh, much sought after by the grazing of the region. region, which produces Rabaçal cheeses. The wine production of Quinta das Trigueiras has been affected by our Vila Flor Vinha das Trigueiras branco, but it is planned, in the near future, to develop its own brand Grandes Quintas Branco. 


Close to Vilas Boas – Vila Flor, Tua river valley (tributary of the Douro river)
Vineyard area:
8 ha
Grape varieties: 
Malvasia fina, Codega do Larinho, Rabigato, Gouveio and Moscatel Galego Branco
Land arrangement: 
 plateau vineyard
 granite | Altitude: 450-480 meters | Exposure: predominantly NE and NW