Casa d'Arrochella


At Quinta da Peça, in Vale da Vilariça, we seek a balance between production and maturation, so that we can obtain blended wines from several varieties, with a fresher and fruitier matrix.

Quinta da Peça, in Vilas Boas, Vila Flor, is a property with references to the late 19th century. Initially dedicated to Port wine, it currently has 26 ha of vineyards, where the traditional varieties of the region are distributed among terraces and patches of traditional olive groves, which value a typically Trás-os-Montes environment, which Casa d’Arrochella seeks to cherish as a differentiating element.

The Adega da Quinta da Peça, in addition to its contemporary infrastructure, using modern winemaking methods, also has traditional granite presses and an area for the storage and aging of its French oak barrels.

The geographical location of Quinta da Peça is at the origin of our trademarks Villas-Boas Reserva Red and Vilaflor Reserva Red, as well as our Vilaflor Valle da Peça, produced in special years.


Near Vilas Boas – Vila Flor, valley of vilariça
Vineyard area:
25 ha
Grape varieties: 
Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barroca, Sousão; Mixture of red grape varieties
Systematization of the terrain: 
 hillside vineyards (Vinha ao alto; Patamares)
derived from schist | Altitude: 350 to 505 meters | Exposure: predominantly NE and NW